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Signs of Infidelity
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  3. 2. Dramatic decline or increase in sex
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Quick info, married 8 years, together 19, we have a 17year old and almost 2 year old. Since second baby I've had this gut wrenching feeling, no physical proof, that my husband is or has cheated on me with my twin sister. It just wont leave my head, it makes me sick and makes me angry towards the both of them. Sex life is almost non existent, i don't want him to touch me, because this thought of him sleeping with my sister never leaves me.

Its almost 2 years since my first thought of it, and I've pushed it out of my head over and over again. Months ago I 've told him i didnt trust him, didn't bring up that i thought it was with my sister, we had a huge fight etc Any time shes around witg us i am angry and nauseous, anytime I'm with her on my own i am so so angry.

Its all i can think of. Someone please help or give me advice or opinnions, anything:. Replied by sal on topic Gut instincts spouse cheating with twin sister. So you have absolutely no evidence that absolutely anything has happened? You just have a gut feeling?

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Frankly, based on your reaction, I think you might want to seek some professional help in the way of counseling, if that is the case. Replied by on topic Gut instincts spouse cheating with twin sister. Yes i agree with counseling, and just waiting for the appointment.

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Its the gut feeling and other small things. It takes courage to face these things and look for answers. Whatever the future holds for you…. By the way… You can now get over 13 hours of my best Betrayed Recovery strategies. Learn More Here.

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Signs of Infidelity. Answered by Suzie Johnson. Infidelity Recovery Archives. Sign of Infidelity 1: Intuition. By the way, intuition is NOT foolproof. You should be aware of the difference between suspicion and intuition. This is often circumstantial evidence. Sign of Infidelity 2: Shifts in Behavior. One minute she seemed normal, and the next minute she was cold as ice.

Category: Cheating Spouse Investigator

Higher than normal desire for sex including new sense of adventurousness Little or NO desire for sex often blaming stress, finances, deadlines or work-related excuses. How far are people who are cheating willing to go? Sign of Infidelity 3: Acts of Secrecy. There is one word commonly associated with infidelity: s ecrecy. He told me…. Classic Examples of "Secret Protection" Behavior.

What is one thing people who cheat have to have?

2. Dramatic decline or increase in sex

Sign of Infidelity 4: Time. Most affairs take time. Because in order for a clandestine relationship to happen, you need three things: Time, effort and opportunity. What causes a cheating spouse to pull away? Sign of Infidelity 5: Pulling Away. Privacy is the highest priority. What is rule number one, in the game of dishonesty?

Sign of Infidelity 6: Denial. What is denial? Sign of Infidelity 7: Blame Shifting. They use evasive or defensive techniques even anger to dodge the issue. This takes the focus off their behavior and puts you off track. They try to shame you into backing off and leaving them alone. Sign of Infidelity 8: The Emotional Fog. Do you remember your first crush? They walk around in a daze like a teenager with a crush. This will usually backfire on you.

I have a bad feeling about this - your gut says wife is cheating | Average Married Dad

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